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“Our father always taught us to contribute, and Nature Hut is our opportunity to do that.”

While originating from Singapore, we spend time alongside farmers
who grow vegetables, fruit and rice in Thailand and Laos.


A recurrent theme occurred to us. 
Farmers are heavily reliant on chemicals
to improve yield and plant / animal health.

When farmers do try out natural alternatives, quality would often be inconsistent.


We thus set out to develop effective and 100% natural solutions

that address some of the most common problems they face.

Over 30 years, we did extensive trials on numerous species of sustainable

raw materials and over 100 different extraction temperatures to select

only the best for our multi-beneficial active ingredients.

Farmers now have a sustainable alternative to chemicals that they

can use without worries of harmful effects,and we’ve created organic,

non-toxicand effective products that gardeners and plant parents now love.

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Back to nature

Our products are non-toxic & biodegradable.

When used in the garden, they help

to improve plant and soil health when 

returned to the earth where it came from.

Extraction of all-natural goodness 

We convert this plant waste into useful and natural products which bring multiple benefits to the home and garden.

Our Products'

From sustainable plant sources

We collect fruit tree trimmings which

are typically disposed as plantation

waste by farmers.

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In today's world, people often turn to chemicals first for plant and pet/animal problems, looking to quick fixes such as pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, creams and drugs that have long-term impacts.

Join us in this switch for a greener earth, stronger plants, happier animals,

better farming practices, sustainable food supply and healthier people.


Our Environment

When air, water and soil

quality are impacted.


When soil health degrades

and beneficial microbes are lost.

Aquatic Life

When toxic chemicals pollute their eco-system.

Pets & Animals

When hormones, behaviour, health and habitats are affected.

Us & Our Loved Ones

We pay with our health when our food chain and environment

are impacted.

Cat and Dog
Fishes and Aquatic Life
Vegetable Garden
Our Environment
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At Nature Hut, we strive to contribute towards people and the environment.
Our mission is to promote widespread use of safe alternatives to the usage of harmful chemicals, one plant / pet at a time.


We offer our products pro-bono to agricultural institutions or research and welfare organizations.

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