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  • What is SUPERPLANT made of?
    Organic super-ingredients from sustainable plant sources. A proprietary blend of premium Citrus Maxima Wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous Acid) and Pomelo Extracts.
  • What kind of plant problems does SUPERPLANT help?
    PESTS: Repels a broad range of pests that cause leaf and crop damage. INFECTIONS: Fights plant bacterial and fungal infections like mildew/mold which are common in our humid climate. SOIL AND ROOT ISSUES: Fights pathogenic bacteria for healthier microbial system, and fights fungi to prevent and control root rot. SLOW GROWTH: Regular sprays help to supercharge plant growth and boost flowering.
  • How does SUPERPLANT work to do the above?
    For foliage, SUPERPLANT stimulates chlorophyll production for improved photosynthesis. Plants feed better on nutrients delivered directly to them. This promotes bigger, lusher growth of foliage, flowers and fruit. For soil surface/roots, SUPERPLANT ​​stimulates growth of plant cells, as well as encourages plants to put down dense collection of new and stronger roots due to increased availability of solubilized nutrients for roots to reach out to. Our active ingredient serves as a bio-stimulant for the growth of the various enzymes, increasing effective micro-organisms, which are beneficial for root and plant health. Healthier roots and plant health gives it more resistance to aggressions from infections and pests. Anti-fungal properties help to inhibit and fight rot-causing fungus on leaves and roots, while phenolic compounds stimulate the healing process and growth of healthy new roots.
  • When is the best time of day to spray on plants?
    For best results, spray in the daytime. Busy individuals with little free time in the day, fret not - night time sprays have given great results too!
  • What is SUPERPLANT's NPK ratio?
    Gentle on your plants with low NPK ratio of 1 0 4, SUPERPLANT contains essential macronutrients for plants such as Carbon, Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfur, and important micronutrients such as Iron, Sodium, Manganese and Zinc. Just like us, plants need to have a balanced diet. Safe to use on seedlings and delicate plants without worrying about fertiliser burn. SUPERPLANT is not a replacement for good soil/medium building, and we recommend regularly feeding your soil with organic fertiliser / compost. Think of it as a vitamin - great for you, but you still need your food staples. There is also no one-size-fits-all fertiliser - as each plant and soil type has different nutrient requirements, so we recommend catering to the specific nutrient needs of your plants and using slow release organic fertiliser / compost as necessary.
  • How much should I spray, and on which part of the plant?"
    Spray on foliage, leaves, under leaves, stems, roots, and soil until visibly wet. Flowers and fruits can safely be sprayed on too. Avoid direct spray on flowers during flowering if you are encouraging pollination, as it may drive away healthy pollinators along with pests.
  • How often should I spray?
    Spray once a week for healthy plants. Increase to twice a week for unhealthy/slow-growing/infested plants.
  • What if I sprayed more than twice a week?
    SUPERPLANT is gentle on plants, so we generally do not expect any adverse effects from spraying a couple more times a week than advised. However, we suggest to give your plants time to absorb and respond, so a maximum of 3 sprays a week is suggested only for severely sick plants.
  • Which types of plants are suitable for use with SUPERPLANT?
    SUPERPLANT is great for use on indoor and outdoor ornamental and edible plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, trees, fruits, crops, plantations, lawn grass and more. Also works well for succulents (once a week), and hydroponically grown produce.
  • How does SUPERPLANT affect the environment?
    SUPERPLANT is made with natural, plant-based ingredients that organic fruit trees extract from the earth during their growth. When using on our plants, we are effectively recycling nutrients absorbed by organic fruit trees, returning it to nature. By using fruit tree trimmings from organic plantations, we keep it eco-friendly and make sure no trees are felled. Unlike chemical fertilizers and pesticides that feed toxic substances back into the environment, SUPERPLANT does not contain toxic heavy metals and is good for our environment in the long run.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    Our users generally start to see good results within 2-3 weeks of application. We recommend taking a before and after photo FROM THE SAME ANGLE. When we look at our plants almost daily, the changes may sometimes be less obvious to us, so a before and after photo usually helps. It is important to know that each plant has different starting conditions and pre-existing issues that require different solutions - there is no one size fits all miracle solution for every plant's problem or needs. This means that the effects observed by each user may vary.
  • Quick tip to achieve best results with sick plants?
    For best results on unhealthy leafy plants that have pests / bacterial / fungal infections that spread leaf to leaf, gently cut (not tug) off the most visibly infested/infected leaves. This is not for the plant to look better, but because these leaves are typically the culprits behind quick multiplication of bacteria / fungal spores / pest eggs. While letting SUPERPLANT do it's work, gently cut off these most unhealthy leaves if possible, so that the new growths do not need to compete with them for nutrients. When healthier new growths appear, we recommend to feed the soil with organic fertilizer/compost, in order to ensure the lush new leaves get enough nutrition.
  • Is SUPERPLANT safe for use around pets and children?
    Yes, SUPERPLANT is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for plants, pets and children.
  • My plant is healthy. Can I use SUPERPLANT?
    Of course! We encourage you to nourish your healthy plants once a week to keep them lush and strong, for healthy growth and to protect them against pests and infections.
  • I'm growing fruits/vegetables. How can SUPERPLANT help?
    Spraying with SUPERPLANT can help boost crop yield with better growth performance, producing higher quality produce. Reduce use of chemical pesticides, and cut back on fertilizers due to increased nutrient efficiency. Improves flavour of sweet fruits by preventing excessive nitrogen levels.
  • What does the spray smell like?
    SUPERPLANT has a woody, smokey scent. The natural smoky smell helps to drive away pests, while doubling up to deodorize odours that may arise from organic fertilizers.
  • Does SUPERPLANT's scent stay on my plants?
    The smoky scent (which helps repel pests) only lingers for a short while. Like normal aromatic compounds (think perfume), it diffuses off after a short while, so no worries that your plants will taste or smell different!
  • When should I avoid spraying my plants?
    Avoid spraying before rain to prevent washaway. If it rains on plants within 12 hours after spraying, we recommend a follow-up spray. Avoid using on the same day with alkaline chemicals, spread usage out. Avoid direct spraying on flowers during flowering stage if you are encouraging pollination, as it may repel pollinators along with pests.
  • Can I use it with other products?
    SUPERPLANT can be used alongside other types of fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, it helps boost the efficiency of your fertilizer so that you can use less! We encourage use of compost / organic slow release fertiliser as well, for good soil building. However, it should be not be used together with alkaline chemical sprays on the same day (spread usage out).
  • Can the spray bottle be recycled?
    Our bottles are made of HDPE, which is recyclable and reusable. We encourage you to reuse them as a plant misting spray! We are also working on a refill format at the moment.
  • Is SUPERPET available for purchase?
    SUPERPET is coming soon.
  • What is SUPERPET made of?
    SUPERPLANT is made with ingredients that are 100% natural, from sustainable plant sources.
  • Which types of animals are suitable for use with SUPERPET?
    Canines and felines.
  • Is SUPERPET safe for use around children?
    Yes, SUPERPET is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for plants, pets and children.
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